"I received a Reiki treatment from Tammy after having gone through an episode of putting my back out, and dealing with severe muscle spasms. It was a Sunday afternoon, I called Tammy to please start long distance Reiki and if she could to come over and give me a treatment as well. And she did.
The heat that was coming through her hands was incredible and soothing. Later that night, after Tammy had left and the evening was going on, I fell asleep on my couch, and at that very particular moment in time, the surge of heat I felt on my back was incredible and nothing I had ever felt before in my life. I still remember it to this day. 
The healing process which was taking place was truly her ability to help heal and give comfort to someone in pain.
Tammy practices her gift of healing with passion and love."

" I have returned from my flight to Punta Cana and was absolutely amazed at how calm I was on the flights - such a difference from previous flights. On the way there it was a great flight - very smooth so I wasn't sure if that was the reason for my calmness. The trip back however was not so good. We experienced a lot of turbulence, but I didn't get anxious at all! I look forward to my next trip. Thanks Tammy!" 

"The whole experience was great and gave me the guidance as to where and what steps need to be taken to become the best me. She was dead on about how I feel emotionally and physically. Some things stood out to me during the reiki session and then made total sense into the Angel cards. It was a truly positive experience that I know is going to help me understand more."

" Where do I begin. This was such an amazing experience. It felt like I was floating out of my body on some sort of adventure. I do not bellive in hypnosis, but I sure do now. I feel relaxed, happy, and my anxiety is gone for now. As for the reiki, such an amazing reading that was beyond emotional. I felt my grandma with me being strict and telling me to stop this insanity and move on with life. Thank you Tammy, you are my earth angel and I have always felt this since the day I met you. We are souls that met to help each other."

"Today we scheduled a last minute hypnosis session for depression. When we started I felt very nauseous and stressed in my jaw. Once I moved to the bed I felt very relaxed. The more Tammy told me to relax, the more relaxed and calm I felt. I felt almost like I had a perma-grin on my face, from happiness and joy from each word she read. I felt this session was very accurate and just what I needed. I suffer from chronic migraine headaches as well as anxiety. I am very happy with my experience with Tammy."

"My daughter took her own life nine years ago at the the age of eighteen and I'm still dealing with it. 
Tammy knew how mu daughter was feeling at the time, becoming very emotional. She helped me to realize that Kayla is still around me and although I miss her immensely, and it feels like my soul is destroyed, its reassuring to an extent."

"I've never went back to my parents as a cause for my difficult journey. I can see the future taking on a different understanding and shed a light that has never been recognized in all my struggles. There is an opening to let go and see in a different way."

My heart was heavy when I arrived today. Your reading connected with my home difficulties, my children, and my difficulties with my body. This answers so many questions for me to begin my path to healing."

"I've never had a reading done before and this was amazing. When you first touched me I felt overwhelmed, tears built up inside and started down my cheeks. I hoped my grandma would come and she did. I miss her so much. The things you said about guilt taking things on all alone and wrong turns was bang on. The part on man issues was there too, which was very true. But having my gma say to move on and not worry about what others think was what I needed to hear. It was a confirmation for me. To know she saw my son before she died, before he was born was amazing. I so wanted her to meet him. Thank you soooo much. I'm sure I will be back again."

"Today was my first reading with Tammy. I found the reiki experience to be very releasing, and the heat on her hands to be healing. I was able to reconnect with my parents who I think about and speak with daily. I would like to come back and continue the journey with my loved ones beyond. Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet with you, and hope to see you again."

"The energy you felt from my soul was amazing. When you told me that my grandma was here with me I cried. I knew she would be as she and I were so close...she was like a mother to me. As to her guidance and advice to me on my unsettled soul, that is so her. Tammy, you are amazing and opened my eyes to decisions that I know I have to make in my life. Everything you told me was so accurate. Even  how my mother tries to keep the peace by not encouraging to make decisions - not because she doesn't want me to, but out of love. My mother and grandma were very close as daughter-in-law and mother-in-law and I feel all three of us have a connection that will always be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Today was my first time meeting Tammy, and unsure of what to expect, I was very open. While we were sitting down having a glass of water she started saying things that "hit" me. They tugged at my interest and I was intrigued. When we went for the reading, emotions begin to pour. Tammy began to cry almost as hard as my ugly cry. She felt the emotions and pain I was going through and was understanding and sympathetic to my needs. I was broken and encouraged to return for reiki and angel card readings.
After today, I was amazed at what she said and how I felt. Everything she shared was 300% on cue and she verbally voiced to me every emotion that was going through me. Unreal and grateful."

"This experience was a chance to reconnect with my grandmother. She passed away and I was not allowed to go see her when she was dying. She was aware of all of the hardships and bad stuff going on with our family. She could do nothing to help. It was such a blessing to know she is watching over myself and Sam. I feel lighter and calm, and I feel like I can breathe deeply now. Thank you Tammy!" 

"This was the first time I had a reiki treatment. Tammy made me feel very calm and at peace. She was able to make contract with my son who passed. Everything she said made sense and give me a sense of peace. Thank you Tammy."

"Did my second session with Tammy today, last session helped out a lot to releive my chronic migraines I have been dealing with since April. Today's session was such a "lesson." My grandma whom passed, was here. She reminded me of her boisterous attitude , and her life lessons. She spoke of my mother and her health, as well as needing a change in her lifestyle. Grandma had an apron on and she talked of love, and how she loved me, and didn't feel she expressed it right, but to know she does love me and does forgive me. I am very much looking forward to continuing my session with Tammy. Thank you."

"A year ago we lost a dear soul - Nile - she would be married to my son by now. What a dear friend at heart and we would have been so proud to call her our daughter. Miss her so much....thanks for the experience today. It was nice to reach out to her and my two moms. Thanks Tammy."

"I came here searching for answers. It's confirmed that I need to do my own soul searching. Thank you again so much!"

"I have never been hypnotized before. I felt comfortable and relaxed with Tammy. Her voice was calming and it worked. It was a basic relaxation hypnosis. I went under and felt relaxed. I woke up with clear thoughts feeling energized later on. I slept good that night. I had a sleep that energized me, making me feel refreshed the next day."

"This was my first tie, with past life hypnosis. I felt head-achy pan after my sessions, as did Tammy. During my session I remember the colors; white was very strong and green being the most faint. I remember a large map and being very drawn towards Africa. Even when I tried to doubt it, it kept bringing me near Africa. When asked about my time there, I see fields of tall stalks and a shy, humble black girl. She was scared, wouldn't make eye contact. She was working, crouched down in the field. It was hot. She had very little clothing on. There was this shadow, a man maybe, watching this girl. I became very overwhelmed with my emotions. I had  tears, and my breathing changed. When asked how I died, this "man" was in control of me and what I did. I remember being raped numerous times over many years. I see blood, and being strangled and raped. Being beat over the head. This was a lot to take in during one session. My session felt very lifting afterwards. I was very relieved to have woke up and I am looking forward to my next session."

"The whole experience was great and gave me the guidance as to where and what steps need to be taken to become the best me. She was dead on about how I feel emotionally and physically. Some things stood out to me during the reiki session and then made total sense into the angel cards. It was truly a positive experience that I know is gonna help me understand more."

"It feels strange to have your fingers separating, and then like a magnet drawing my arm to my face. It happened so quickly! I was so relaxed after and had the best sleep I've had in awhile. Looking forward to seeing if it works to alleviate my fear of flying. In just five weeks, we will see!"